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As your Representative on City Council, I will be your advocate for a better community by continuing to focus on Growth, Public Safety and Unity.


Economic Growth

As a member of the Planning Commission, I support the Rocks Development.  This development will bring new business and residents to our community.  On City Council, I will advocate for a growing Roeland Park with more businesses along Roe Blvd to provide more jobs, services and opportunities to our residents and visitors.

Public Safety

As a member of the Police Policy Committee, I am working to making our community safer for everyone.  I support our police and first responders.  On City Council, I will ensure they have all the tools they need to continue to service our neighborhoods.

Community Unity

Roeland Park is a leader in the metro area and the state of Kansas in welcoming everyone.  As the Chair of the Racial Equity Committee, I am working to continue to make our community better for all residents and visitors.   We are at our best when everyone has the opportunity to participate in everything Roeland Park has to offer.

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Erin Davis, Treasurer
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